Xencelabs Pen Display 24 large size digital drawing screen USB-C, DisplayPort, HDMI 2.0

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The Xencelabs Pen Display 24 is a large size digital drawing screen for creative professionals. It was designed to improve productivity, comfort, and workflow. Designed with feedback and input from industry leading artists.

Xencelabs Pen Display 24

The Xencelabs Pen Display 24 is a large size digital drawing display that sets a new standard for studio creatives. Designed with feedback and input from industry leading artists to facilitate exceptional productivity, comfort and improved workflow, Xencelabs Pen Display 24 provides an unrivalled natural drawing experience alongside a stunning anti-glare 4K UHD display that is rich with 1.07 billion colours and both Pantone® and SkinTone Validated™.

Key Features

•    Exceptional Glare Reduction 
•    Natural Drawing Experience
•    Finely Tuned Pressure Curves
•    Two Pens included; 3-Button Pen with Eraser and Thin Pen with Eraser
•    Pantone® and SkinTone Validated™
•    Brilliant Colour in 4K with 93% DCI-P3 and 99% Adobe RGB Coverage
•    Uninterrupted Edge-to-Edge Drawing Surface
•    Quick Keys with OLED button references included
•    Tilt Stand included
•    VESA Mount Ready (100 x 100mm) 
•    Silent & Fan-less with cool screen surface
•    Kensington Security Slot
•    Feature Rich Driver for macOS, Windows and Linux


Xencelabs Pen Display 24 delivers the highest level studio drawing experience and stunning image quality. Super-AG Etching™ provides exceptional glare reduction by dramatically decreasing reflected light while sharpening optical acuity. Optical bonding within the display reduces parallax or the perceived visual gap between the pen nib and the cursor, and the entire uninterrupted surface features an Anti-Fingerprint coating that also allows your hand to glide across the surface. Finely tuned pressure curves ensure highly responsive stroke to stroke accuracy and the surface senses even the lightest of strokes. And the 24” UHD display is awash with brilliant 10-bit colour that covers 93% DCI-P3 and 99% Adobe RGB colour spaces. Validated by Pantone® and SkinTone™, Pen Display 24 accurately reproduces a full spectrum of Pantone colours and a diverse range of skin tones.

The way you work is important, and Pen Display 24 is both ergonomic and adaptable. The small profile frees up desk space while the thin bezel provides room to rest your hand. Programmable device control buttons that do not interrupt the surface have customisable colours per application, and the included Tilt Stand provides one handed adjustment from 16° to 72°. And you can use an industry standard 100 x 100 mm VESA mount to position Pen Display 24 wherever you choose.

Included with the Pen Display 24 are two pens; the Xencelabs 3 Button Pen with Eraser (v2) and Thin Pen with Erase (v2). Each pen can have unique settings per application and both a case and 10 replacement nibs, including four felt nibs and a nib extraction ring are provided. The Thin Pen offers a thinner profile for user preference and features 2 buttons and an eraser, while the more substantial 3 Button Pen offers more functionality for a wide range of 2D and 3D applications. Both pens enable the Touch-to-Wake display feature and do not require charging. Instead, Xencelab pens use Electromagnetic Resonance (EMR) to communicate 8,192 pressure levels to the drawing display.

One of the key workflow benefits of the Pen Display 24 is the inclusion of Quick Keys, a customisable controller with 8 buttons over five sets with OLED displays for each button and a physical dial with LED ring. Through the feature rich driver, Quick Keys can be programmed for 40 shortcuts and 4 dial controls with full customisation of the button display labelling and colour coding of the dial per action, per application. Quick Keys can be configured for use in any orientation enabling you to easily position Quick Keys around the Pen Display 24 to your preference at any given moment. This is facilitated through the inclusion of a sturdy, yet simple to reposition mount for Quick Keys. 

Virtual Tablet™ Mode gives you access across extended screens allowing quick control of any content on other displays directly from the Pen Display 24’s surface, while allowing objects and windows to be easily moved to any mapped display.

Silence is golden. Pen Display 24 is fan-less and has meticulously designed heat dissipation through the rear of the metal housing to provide completely silent operation. Yet the surface of the display always remains cool, further enhancing the natural drawing experience over prolonged periods of use.

Whether you are in Illustration, 2D/3D Animation or Modelling, Game Design, Industrial Design, Fashion, Art, Graphic Design, VFX, Video, Broadcast, or Photography, Pen Display 24 can accelerate your workflow while immersing you in your content with effortless ease and comfort.


macOS 10.12 or later, Windows® 7 or later, and Linux (see below).  Xencelabs feature rich driver is available for macOS and Windows®, while a fully functional Linux driver provides similar features and is compatible with Ubuntu 14.04 or above, Debian 9.5, CentOS 7.0 or above, and RedHat 7.0 or above.

System Requirements

Available USB-C port with DisplayPort Alternate Mode (UHD); 
or DisplayPort (UHD) and USB-C/USB-A port;
or HDMI 2.0 (UHD) and USB-C/USB-A port.

Internet access to download driver.

Quick Keys supports wired or wireless connection. Xencelabs Bluetooth 5.0 dongle for wireless use is included, along with a USB cable for wired connection/charging. Pen Display 24 features two USB-A ports that can be used to facilitate either connection if additional USB ports are not available on the host computer.

What's in the box

•    Pen Display 24
•    Tilt Stand
•    Rubber Feet
•    Pen Case
•    3 Button Pen v2 + Eraser
•    Thin Pen v2 + Eraser
•    Wireless Dongle for Quick Keys (USB-A)
•    USB-A to USB-C Adapter
•    (6) Standard Nibs v2
•    (4) Felt Nibs v2
•    Nib Extracting Ring
•    3 Button Pen Clip
•    Thin Pen Clip
•    Quick Keys
•    Quick Keys holder
•    Drawing Glove (Medium) Black
•    Cleaning Cloth
•    2m USB-C to USB-C (L-shaped) Cable
•    0.6m USB-C to USB-A 3.0 (Standard) Cable
•    2m USB-C to USB-A 3.0 (L-shaped) Cable
•    2m Display Port to Display Port (L-shaped) Cable
•    2m HDMI 2.0 to HDMI 2.0 (L-shaped) Cable
•    AC Power Adapter (L-Shaped) Connector
•    Power Cords (UK and EU)
•    Xencelabs Sticker

Technical Specifications

Pen Display 24 Specifications
•    Product Type = Pen Display 24
•    Model Code = LPH2412U-A
•    Product Weight = 6.0kg (13.3 lbs)
•    Product Dimensions = 618.50 x 388.00 x 34.70mm (24.4 x 15.3 x 1.4 in)
•    Product Colour = Black
•    Included Stand = Xencelabs Tilt Stand, adjustable from 16 to 72 degrees
•    Vesa Compliant = 100mm X 100mm / 3.9in X 3.9in
•    Power Input Voltage = 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60HZ
•    Power Output Voltage = 12V / 5.0A
•    Security = Kensington® Lock Port (lock purchased separately) - MicroSaver® 2.0
•    Temperature = 5 to 40 degree C
•    Screen Size (measured diagonally) = 23.8 in (60.5 cm)
•    Active Area = 527.04 × 296.46mm (20.75 x 11.7 in)
•    Display Resolution = 3840 x 2160 pixels
•    Uniformity compensation = Yes
•    Pixel Pitch = 0.13725 ×0.13725 mm
•    Touch = No (except three illuminated Programmable Device Control Buttons) 
•    Brightness = 330cd/m2 (typical)
•    Displayable colours (maximum) = 1.07 billion (10-bit)
•    Colour Gamut Coverage Ratio = 99% Adobe RGB (CIE 1931) (typical), 93% DCI-P3 (CIE 1931) (minimum)
•    Aspect ratio = 16:9
•    Viewing angle = 178° (89°/89°) H, (89°/89°) V (typical)
•    Display technology = ADS (a type of IPS)
•    Contrast ratio = 1000:1 (typical)
•    Pens = 3 Button Pen v2 + eraser, Thin Pen v2 + eraser
•    Pen Technology = EMR, pressure-sensitive, cordless, battery-free
•    Pen Pressure Levels = 8192 levels
•    Pen Tilt Angle = 60 degrees
•    Pen Resolution = 5080 lpi
•    Pen Switches = 3 side switches (3 Button pen), 2 side switches (Thin pen) plus eraser on both
•    Replacement Nibs = 6 Standard Nibs v2, 4 Felt Nibs v2
•    Ports = (1) USB C port (video and/or pen data), (1) HDMI2.0, (1) DisplayPort, (2) USB2.0 accessory ports (1) DC Power

Quick Keys Specifications
•    Model = K02-A
•    Product dimensions (W x H x D) = 157.6 x 62.5 x 12 mm (6.2 x 2.46 x 0.47 in)
•    Product weight = 142g (0.31lbs)
•    Display = 3.12-inch OLED display
•    Orientation = 4 directions (0° / 90° / 180° / 360°); text and symbols can be read horizontal or vertical on the OLED display
•    Security = Kensington NanoSaver® (Lock not included)
•    Operating Hours per charge = 25-53 hours 
•    Charging Time = 1.5 hours
•    Customisable Buttons = 8 
•    Button Sets = 5 (40x configurable shortcuts per application)
•    Dial = Up to 4 modes per application with colour codable LED ring


2 Years

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Manufacturer Xencelabs
EAN 850013593859

618.50 x 388.00 x 34.70mm (24.4 x 15.3 x 1.4 in)

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